About our business

iTOO Renew Risk (formally Renew Risk Africa), GCube, Axis Capital, Markel and RSA have established an exclusive underwriting partnership for Renewable Energy insurance solutions that is tailored for the Southern African market.

We are Africa’s first and only niche Underwriting Manager, solely insuring Renewable Energy projects.

iTOO Renew Risk’s unique exclusive underwriting partnership with GCube; Axis Capital, Markel and RSA in London has a combined capacity of USD500,000,000 per project.

For over 25 years GCube and more recently Axis Capital, Markel and RSA have been the leading provider of Renewable Energy insurance services, offering comprehensive property and liability coverage for utility scale projects around the globe.

The growth of Renewable Energy continues to gather pace globally, especially in South Africa, through the Government’s and Department of Energy’s (DoE), Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

iTOO Renew Risk and our reinsurance partners dedicated Renewables teams, comprises of a group of dedicated specialist consultants who provide insurance to major projects in South Africa and around the World.

iTOO Renew Risk and our reinsurance partners have extensive experience and understanding on utility scale Renewable Energy projects.

By drawing together specialists with multi-disciplined professional backgrounds and a wealth of relevant experience from South Africa and the United Kingdom, iTOO Renew Risk can provide the required insurance services to assist in making large capital projects a success.

Powerful Partnership to Fuel Southern African
Renewable Energy Development

Our Purpose

Our teams are committed to innovative solutions to help our clients successfully manage the risks that such renewable projects entail.

We understand the unique exposures for Renewable Energy projects and partner with our clients to identify, quantify and mitigate risk efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

We do all claims in-house. As one of the longest standing insurance providers in the Renewable Energy sector, we have a wealth of claims payment experience and are able to respond quickly to our clients claims.

iTOO Renew Risk has underwritten various Renewable Energy risks, namely Solar CSP, Solar PV, On-Shore Wind projects throughout South Africa and Africa, which gives us the range and depth of experience to meet the new challenges that large infrastructure projects invariably produce.

We will now also be underwriting Hybrid projects (Wind, Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)). We are also introducing Political Violence & Terrorism cover shortly.

iTOO Renew Risk was established in South Africa in 2011, has been involved with many of the DoE’s REIPPPP projects over the last 5 bidding rounds.